The impact that a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer makes can be life changing. Learn why this role is so important.

In 2020, nearly 825 Arizona children each month have been removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse and placed into foster care. In addition to families who’ve volunteered to care for these children in their homes, there are other important foster care volunteers, known as CASAs. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are foster care volunteers doing an important job — speaking up for these children in court.

CASA volunteers don’t need to have a law degree or a career in legal services. In reality, CASA volunteers are just regular adults who care. Here are five reasons why these volunteers are so vital.

There’s a significant need. Only 1 out of every 5 children in foster care in Maricopa County has a CASA volunteer fighting for them. Statewide, there are more than 12,000 children waiting for a volunteer to help them find a safe and loving home. So, every person who steps up to volunteer can make a difference.

You can change — even save — a life. As a CASA of Maricopa County volunteer, you’ll make sure that a child has the services they need to thrive. That means making sure they’re safe and have the healthcare they need as well as academic and social services. Your work can be the difference between a child finding a loving family and becoming homeless or the difference between completing school and dropping out. A child who has a CASA volunteer fighting for them is more likely to find a safe, permanent home or be adopted, half as likely to re-enter foster care and typically spends less time in foster care. They’re also more likely to succeed in school. Plus, you’ll develop an important trusted bond: You will be that child’s advocate until his or her case is closed or they’re permanently placed with a family.

It’s a manageable time commitment. Once your training is complete, you’ll have about a 15- to 20-hour (average) monthly commitment. Talk about an incredible return on just 3-4 hours a week!

You’ll have the support you need. In addition to the initial 30-hour training, CASA of Maricopa County volunteers have lots of opportunities to continue their education and ongoing access to resources to help them. You’ll have ample support so you can be confident as an advocate for a child.

Your community will thank you. Our communities are stronger and healthier when children are safe and cared for. CASA volunteers can sometimes be responsible for ensuring a child stays in school — and even out of jail. This isn’t easy work, but it’s important work that benefits children and communities.

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