August 3


02:41 pm - 02:41 pm

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Participants in this workshop will gain a greater understanding of the Strengthening Families Protective Factor of Social Emotional Competence of Children. This Protective Factor is the cornerstone for healthy relationships and communication. In addition, the workshop covers the effects of trauma and ACEs on behavior and how adults can better foster healthy relationships and communication.

Sandi Cimino serves families, and the professionals who help them, by assisting them in identifying and building on strengths to provide protection for their children against risk, adversity and the effects of trauma. She does this through writing, training and speaking. Sandi has a background in social services, early childhood education, educational administration and a passion for assisting parents in experiencing less stress and more joy in their families. Sandi is a Certified Trainer in the Strengthening FamiliesTM Protective Factors Framework, a Triple P Provider, and Love & LogicTM facilitator. She develops and delivers workshops for professionals and parenting classes on a variety of topics and blogs about foundational living and change and transition. Most importantly, Sandi is the proud parent of two teenagers.

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