October 9


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Voices for CASA Children


Voices for CASA children

4300 N Miller Rd #101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Scottsdale, AZ, US, 85251

**Please note: This is a repeat of the Aging Out training from last month due to high demand**

Join us for our most requested training thus far: resources and support for young adults transitioning out of foster care! Workshop participants will become knowledgeable of how youth in Arizona foster care are faring as well as resources and supports to assist youth as they trantition out of foster care.

Fostering Advocates Arizona strives to make a difference for young adults transitioning out of foster care with improved outcomes. They focus on:

• Permanence – A lifetime connection with an adult they can rely on and supportive family networks.

• Education – Resources to obtain an education and training to prepare them for a stable future.

• Employment – Resources and support to obtain and retain steady employment.

• Financial Capability – Gain financial literacy skills to manage their budgets, achieve their financial goals, and retain their assets.

• Housing – Safe, stable, and affordable housing with access to convenient transportation.

• Physical, Dental and Mental Health – Access to insurance with appropriate services for mental and physical health needs.

• Social Capital – A diverse network of connections to achieve their life goals.

Presenter Meghan Arrigo is the Associate Director of Child Welfare Policy at Children’s Action Alliance (CAA). Meghan serves as lead staff for Fostering AdvocatesArizona (FAAZ), part of the national Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, utilizing youth engagement and voice in public policy to increase the wellbeing of older youth in foster care. Meghan has extensive experience in youth development, training, and program and curriculum development. Meghan previously worked for Florence Crittenton where she oversaw the department responsible for delivering independent Living and life skills training to young people aging out of Arizona foster care, as well individuals in the behavioral health systems. Meghan also traveled across the United States and Canada with the Kotex™ Generation Know Campaign providing training for young women on their health and what it means to be body positive.  Meghan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Social Policy from James Madison College, Michigan State University.

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